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Group Pay for this Minecraft Server!

Help us keep the server up and make upgrades. We make no money from this. All funds go straight to our hosting provider, Fragnet.

Warning: No "Perks" are given as we believe everyone should be rewarded through how they play on this server.
Add premium days by pre-paying or completing an offer!

DuncsMC Changelog 14-7-2014

mobilephone2003 aLVL4
mobilephone2003 @ DuncsMC
posted 5 hours ago
Thanks so far for your support! Don't forget to see our Last Changelog

We are now using the old IP: mc.duncsweb.com

  • Bounties now available! L2s can place for 5g. Bounties must be accepted and there is a small charge for this. Kill the bountied player and get their head! Get started with /bounty.
  • Server Market now available at /warp market
  • Factions now have some tasty extra commands
  • Factions can clear the locks (doors, chests) of people no longer in their faction with /f clearlocks

Known Bugs:
  • Can't use flint and steel (in wilderness?)

mobilephone2003 LVL4  published DuncsMC Changelog 14-7-2014 on News
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microwaveablepig Lvl2I thought you might like a staff member who is Online while you sleep mostly due to time difference... anyway back to topic there isn't a application thread so I made this with all my details on it.

Hello, my name is Levi Wou. My in game name is Microwaveablepig :)

How long have you been playing minecraft? I have been playing minecraft for about 2 and a half years now and frankly sometimes is has bored me out of my mind so I think applying is a good way to keep busy.

How long have you been playing a minecraft towny server? I have been playing on towny servers for about 2 and a half years it was one of the first type of servers I went on since I've got to say I was once a noob. (I know I find it hard to believe as well)

Do you know our rules, and what our community stands for? I do know our rules since well if I didn't I would be banned or so although I have broken some on the odd occasion so I cant say I'm the prefect person.

Are you a mature person? I am fairly mature for my age since I'm getting close to 20 years soon and people keep saying I'd better be mature by now... but I do rage once in a while as most of you have found out.

Able to handle many questions thrown at you? I can answer most questions but if I cant I will find it out for you and get back to you with the answer... that does include mind blanks by the way... I get a few.

What would you do if someone was causing problems? first warn them like people have done for me and if they continue kick them or mute them then after that if they keep causing problems BAN them but I hope it would never come to that... since I knows how it feels to be banned from a server that you like.

Do you understand that by applying it does not mean you will get picked for staff, but that we will read you application and take you into consideration? I do understand this and hope that you would consider this application since I do love the server and the staff since I know that they go out of there way to help you when you need it.

thanks for reading my application

cheers from a loveable pig micro aka levi
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mobilephone2003 LVL4  We'll have a full thread for this soon.
microwaveablepig Lvl2  awesome thanks :)
I wasn't to sure if I should do this or not
mobilephone2003 LVL4  created a new thread Introduce Yourself (or say Goodbye) in the Chit-Chat forum
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mobilephone2003 LVL4  Thanks!
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DuncsMC has reached a new record of 75 registered users today!
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