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Group Pay for this Minecraft Server!

Help us keep the server up and make upgrades. We make no money from this. All funds go straight to our hosting provider, Fragnet.

Warning: No "Perks" are given as we believe everyone should be rewarded through how they play on this server.
Add premium days by pre-paying or completing an offer!

DuncsMC Changelog 8-7-2014

mobilephone2003 aLVL4
mobilephone2003 @ DuncsMC
posted Tue at 7:47
Thanks so far for your support!

We are now using the old IP: mc.duncsweb.com

This list will update as changes occur.

  • mcMMO added
  • Factions now cost $10 and are driven by player power. 
  • LWC locking is given to L2+ Players at a cost of $5 per protection.
  • Users that reach Level 2 are now awarded 20 Points!
  • Level 3 Requirements are now available
  • Raw Porkchop added to the points store
  • Mobs now drop money, go kill them!
  • Working on a new spawn, more open and "survival looking"
  • You can set a home with a bed. When you die, you will return to your bed.
  • Leather added to the points store
  • Refer a friend and we'll give you 10 points each!
  • Level 4 Requirements are now available
  • Nether is now available - Public Portal at Spawn
  • All Passive Mobs are available.

Known Bugs:
  • Can't use flint and steel (in wilderness?)

fpuk69 Lvl2Was made to feel really welcome last night! Allowed to join the biggest faction, and given food and a pick axe to get me started! Thanks everyone! X
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fuzyrussian Lvl1, MoBsT3R_kIlL3R Lvl2, Ironbull77 Lvl2, Drakfir Lvl2 and Xx_Brody_xX Lvl2 joined DuncsMC
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xXTabethaXx , Dougwiwi Lvl1, fpuk69 Lvl2, joebob699 Lvl2, ralphbell Lvl1, aaronspy10 Lvl1, chris2go Lvl2, Ramarc Lvl1, mjctechguy Lvl1 and Zetacon joined DuncsMC
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joebob699 Lvl2so do we get are old rank back ?
sonark   On [link] - This server is completely separate and you cannot buy ranks.
mobilephone2003 LVL4  Your old rank is with blockshed. The system here is so different it is not possible to give them.
mobilephone2003 LVL4  added 7 Advanced days to DuncsMC
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DuncsMC has reached a new record of 50 registered users today!
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ifusnipe Lvl1, Meley and Raphyz Lvl1 joined DuncsMC
jake123patt Lvl3  created a new thread Wall of shame (report a player) in the DuncsMC forum
kingvinol20 Lvl2He was lvl 2 but when i logged on today I got demoted... Idk why but it says I meet all the requirements but don't have a rankup...?
mobilephone2003 LVL4  Fixed, i had to rebuild things to attempt to fix this rank bug and may have forgotten a couple of people, sorry!
kingvinol20 Lvl2  It doesn't matter. Not that I really missed anything. Loving the server btw.
jake123patt Lvl3Fun with mobile while he was fixing everything :p
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