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Group Pay for this Minecraft Server!

Help us keep the server up and make upgrades. We make no money from this. All funds go straight to our hosting provider, Fragnet.

Warning: No "Perks" are given as we believe everyone should be rewarded through how they play on this server.
Add premium days by pre-paying or completing an offer!

DuncsMC Changelog 8-7-2014

mobilephone2003 aLvl1 posted Tue at 7:47
Thanks so far for your support!

We are now using the old IP: mc.duncsweb.com

This list will update as changes occur.

  • mcMMO added
  • Factions now cost $10 and are driven by player power. 
  • LWC locking is given to L2+ Players at a cost of $5 per protection.
  • Users that reach Level 2 are now awarded 20 Points!
  • Level 3 Requirements are now available
  • Raw Porkchop added to the points store
  • Mobs now drop money, go kill them!
  • Working on a new spawn, more open and "survival looking"
  • You can set a home with a bed. When you die, you will return to your bed.
  • Leather added to the points store
  • Refer a friend and we'll give you 10 points each!

Known Bugs:
  • Can't use flint and steel
  • Rank sync with the website can be slow, some users may be levelled down, this is not intentional, please modreq us if you do.
  • Portals to nether wont work, nether coming soon

mobilephone2003 Lvl1Apologies for rank sync issues guys, seems it does some weird stuff when a player goes offline, will continue to monitor what's triggering it.
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jake123patt Lvl3First to Level 3 :d
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